This step is important so that related parties such as the National Food Agency (Bapanas) can distribute various food aids.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - During a meeting here on Monday, acting secretary general of the Home Affairs Ministry, Tomsi Tohir, urged regional governments affected by food shortages to impose a disaster emergency response status.

"This step is important so that related parties such as the National Food Agency (Bapanas) can distribute various food aids," Tohir explained in his statement.

He also urged regional heads to promptly establish a disaster emergency status during any disasters that lead to food supply disruptions and contact Bapanas.

It is known that the provinces of South Sulawesi and Central Java experienced floods recently due to high rainfall.

Tohir advised the two regions to follow Wajo district, South Sulawesi, which promptly declared a disaster emergency response status after it was hit by floods.

In addition, he stressed the importance of helping regions that are starting to enter the dry season. He said he hoped that the Agriculture Ministry would help optimize the available water pumps to support irrigation.

"Once (the pumps) are installed, they must immediately be optimized so that they can make a better contribution (to irrigating land)," he explained.

Furthermore, he highlighted the increase in prices of several food commodities, especially those whose supply depends on imports, such as garlic.

To overcome this problem, cross-sector cooperation — involving stakeholders ranging from the central government and local governments to importers — is needed, he said.

Several stakeholders attended the meeting with the Home Affairs Ministry, including Statistics Indonesia (BPS), Bapanas, and the Presidential Staff Office.
In addition, speakers from several ministries and other agencies, including the Agriculture Ministry, Trade Ministry, State Logistics Agency (Bulog), National Police Food Task Force, Indonesian Military, and Attorney General's Office, joined the meeting online.

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