Currently, we are being assessed and the result is expected to be out around the end of June or in early July.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy Minister of Communication and Informatics Nezar Patria said here on Monday that the result of Indonesia's Readiness Assessment Methodology on Artificial Intelligence (RAM AI) evaluation will be obtained by mid-2024.

RAM AI is an assessment that has been conducted by UNESCO recently in member countries to measure their AI governance readiness, he informed.

"Currently, we are being assessed and the result is expected to be out around the end of June or in early July," he said.

By undergoing RAM AI, the Indonesian government has demonstrated a strong commitment to creating safe and responsible AI governance, he added.

He said that Indonesia has undergone the assessment since March 2024 and it is still running. The assessment lasts about three to four months, therefore Indonesia's RAM AI result will be known by mid-2024.

The result, with indicators ranging from technology readiness, community readiness, to legal device readiness, will reflect Indonesia's preparedness to adopt AI technology.

"It (RAM AI) is a good step for us (Indonesia) to be able to enter the global AI ecosystem governance. That way, Indonesia can be part of an AI governance system that is recognized by the world," he said.

In terms of supporting responsible AI use and safety, Indonesia has formulated a guideline in the form of Ministerial Circular Letter Number 9 of 2023 concerning Artificial Intelligence Ethics.

Meanwhile, at the Global Forum on the Ethics of AI in 2024, Indonesia expressed its readiness to bridge the discussion on AI ethics with countries in the ASEAN and Asia-Pacific regions.
Patria added that Indonesia is committed to playing a role in leading interactive dialogue between countries on RAM AI.

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