Jakarta (ANTARA) - Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini assured that the evacuation posts established for victims of Mount Marapi's cold lava flows in West Sumatra are safe and comfortable.

In a press release from her ministry on Thursday, she inspected the response efforts and facilities at the evacuation posts, including food menus and availability.

Rismaharini also helped prepare food. "Don't let anyone lack food. Also, keep it clean," she added.

Besides having complete facilities, which range from tents, water reservoirs, public toilets, logistics, and mattresses to blankets, the evacuation posts set up by the ministry are also easily accessible, close to the main road, and far from cold lava flow routes.

The Ministry of Social Affairs has also provided tents for worship, installed a number of portable public toilets, and built a public kitchen to cater to the needs of the evacuees.

Apart from material assistance, the ministry is also supporting the psychosocial recovery of disaster victims through psychosocial support services and skills training.

The ministry is providing trauma healing services for children at refugee camps and various kinds of training, for instance, on making sandals, wallets, and doormats.

Meanwhile, the facilities available at the refugee posts have exceeded the expectations of victims and village heads.

Heldiyas, one of the community leaders of Parambahan village in Lima Kaum, Tanah Datar, expressed his appreciation for the ministry's efforts.

"We, in the refugee camps, are provided with good facilities by the Ministry of Social Affairs, which helps create activities that entertain the children. Meanwhile, for mothers, the ministry also provides training in making crafts and culinary delights," he said.

"On behalf of the community leaders of Parambahan village, we thank the ministry for always helping us when disasters occur," he added.

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Translator: Hana Dewi Kinarina Kaban, Katriana
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