Weihai, China (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- From May 18 to 20, the International Open Day Event of the Gen Z Energy Tour China-Europe Shandong Session hosted by Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Energy Investment Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "China Energy"), took place in Weihai, Shandong Province. A visiting delegation comprising ten youths from six countries entered the Shandong Branch of Guohua Energy Investment to delve into the green and low-carbon development process of Chinese energy enterprises and immerse themselves in the traditional Qilu culture of Shandong.

Leaders from the Communist Youth League Shandong Provincial Committee, Weihai Municipal Government, China International Communications Group, and Guohua Energy Investment attended the opening ceremony on May 18th. Throughout the ceremony, representatives from China Energy Guohua Energy Investment Europe Renewable Energy S.A. and Guohua Energy Investment Shandong Branch respectively shared insights into their overseas social responsibility endeavors and Shandong Branch's green development explorations in the province. Additionally, a professor from the Shandong Academy of Chinese Culture delivered an illuminating speech on Qilu culture. Nearly 70 student delegates from Harbin Institute of Technology bore witness to the event.

During the event, participants had the opportunity to visit two significant wind power projects in Shandong: China Energy's largest offshore wind farm in Shandong, the Wanghai Wind Farm, and Guohua Energy Investment's inaugural wind power project in Shandong, the Rongcheng Wind Farm. Through immersive, firsthand experiences at these sites, young individuals from both China and other countries solidified their shared commitment to green development. In addition to the site visits, the event included a specialized symposium focusing on Sino-Greek wind power technologies in mountainous regions. This symposium facilitated the exchange of knowledge and expertise, offering valuable Chinese insights to promote collaboration in new energy technology between China and Europe, and advancing global wind power technology. Foreign participants expressed their appreciation for the enthusiastic, pleasant, and professionally conducted exchanges. They noted that these interactions deepened their understanding and forged stronger bonds between youths from China and Europe. Moreover, they emphasized the event's role in fostering mutual learning between the two regions, as well as enhancing their comprehension of the green development practices undertaken by Chinese energy enterprises. Additionally, they highlighted the enriching experience of delving into the profound heritage and unique charm of Chinese culture.

The "Gen Z Energy Tour China-Europe" series of activities is designed to offer European "Generation Z" youth the opportunity to personally visit prominent clean energy projects in Greece and China. Through these visits, participants gain hands-on experience and insight into the new technologies, breakthroughs, and achievements of Chinese enterprises, particularly those represented by China Energy Guohua Energy Investment, in the clean energy sector. This initiative has already conducted three international open day events in Alexandria, Greece, Beijing, China, and Weihai, Shandong. These events serve as compelling showcases of the exemplary practices of China's central state-owned enterprises, exemplified by China Energy Guohua Energy Investment, in actively fulfilling social responsibilities in both China and Europe. Furthermore, they underscore the collaborative efforts in jointly advancing the "Belt and Road Initiative". Notably, the initiative has successfully expanded the participation of "Generation Z" youths from Europe to countries along the Belt and Road, thereby amplifying the reach and influence of Chinese culture.

Source: Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd.

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