Beijing, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- On June 6, CNPC's "Generation Z" Youth Dialogue, revolving on the theme of "Bridging Pipelines, Hearts Aligned: Young Vibes along the Energy Silk Road," was grandly held at the CNPC Science and Technology Exchange Center in Beijing Foreign employees from SINO-Pipeline International in Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan, together with Chinese employees, shared their stories of mutual learning, growth, and development during the construction and operation of energy cooperation projects under the Belt and Road Initiative. Chinese and foreign young employees also performed wonderful cultural programs.

This event, hosted by SINO-Pipeline International, aimed to promote exchanges and cooperation among the youth of countries along the Belt and Road, showcasing the development achievements of energy cooperation projects under the Belt and Road Initiative. The event was held in a hybrid format with a main venue in Beijing and multiple video sub-venues, and was live broadcast in Chinese, Russian, and Burmese. To ensure extensive participation by Chinese and foreign employees, sub-venues were set up in joint venture/wholly-owned companies in Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan, as well as Xinjiang Company, and Yunnan Branch.

Shen Zhong, Deputy Director of the Corporate Culture Department of CNPC delivered a speech. While promoting international cooperation, CNPC consistently strengthens people-to-people exchanges and cooperation, deepening exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations in the journey toward high-quality development. He expressed hope that young friends would leverage the stage of energy cooperation, continuously surpass themselves in cultural exchanges and insights sharing, and inject fresh blood into energy cooperation along the Belt and Road.

Zhong Fan, Executive Director of SINO-Pipeline International, pointed out that over the past decade, SINO-Pipeline International has continuously improved its integrated investment, construction, and operation based on win-win cooperation, focused on cultivating a team of international talents with a global vision, and actively promoted international people-to-people exchanges under the Belt and Road Initiative. He hoped that young friends would link their destinies to the progress of human civilization, "build a golden bridge together," and demonstrate personal value in advancing high-quality development along the Belt and Road.

The event consisted of two parts: youth dialogues and cultural performances. A total of 33 Chinese and foreign youth participated in the event. In the youth dialogue segment, six pairs of "one Chinese, one foreign" youth engaged in live dialogues in Chinese around the theme "Building a Golden Bridge Together: Energy Youth on the Silk Road." The speakers were all outstanding young employees recommended by their respective enterprises to share their exciting personal experiences.

The event commenced with a dance performance titled "Ode to the Silk Road" by employees of Xinjiang Company, setting the stage for the youth dialogues. Subsequently, young representatives from various countries took the stage to share their touching stories. Aigerim Akhmetova and Jiang Tao from Asia Gas Pipeline LLP exemplified dedication and perseverance in lighting up thousands of homes. Avezov Rasulbek and Wang Weijian from JV"Asia Trans Gas"LLC reminisced about the brotherhood forged while handling compressor failures in the freezing cold. Yi Meng and Zhang Yunliang from Trans-Tajik Gas Pipeline Company Limited spoke about overcoming workplace challenges and chasing dreams along the New Silk Road. Gulina Sailanbek and Lei Qimeng from Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline LLP shared the tremendous changes in local residents' lives after the commissioning of the pipeline project. Ryskulov Mirrakhim and Lu Ming from Trans-Kyrgyz Gas Pipeline Company Limited recounted supporting Kyrgyz students in overcoming difficulties to complete their studies. Kyaw Thu Yan Aung and Cui Shanglin from South-East Asia Crude Oil/Gas Pipeline Company Limited showcased the economic and cultural integration and deep friendship in China-Myanmar energy cooperation.

Kazakh employees Aigerim Akhmetova and Gulina Sailanbek expressed in their narrations: "After the pipeline was commissioned, we witnessed firsthand how residents along the pipeline route transitioned from the traditional 'coal and wood era' to the brand new 'blue-gold era.' This is not just a green pipeline transporting clean energy but also a friendship pipeline conveying Chinese-Kazakh friendship."

Chinese and foreign young employees performed wonderful dances and songs, showcasing the cultural integration achievements of "Generation Z" youth. Yunnan Branch's original song Against the Current demonstrated the spirit of perseverance and teamwork. The company's band, Concentric Circles, adapted and performed Glorious Years, pushing the event atmosphere to a climax. Their performance fully reflected the vitality and passion of "Generation Z" youth along the Belt and Road, and brought the youth dialogue event to a successful conclusion.

SINO-Pipeline International, along with local partners, has jointly constructed and operated several transnational crude oil and natural gas pipelines, including the Trans-Asia Gas Pipeline, the Myanmar -China Oil and Gas Pipeline, and the Kazakhstan- China Crude Oil Pipeline, along the Belt and Road in Central Asia and Myanmar. Among the over 4,000 Chinese and foreign employees, young employees from both China and abroad are active on the front lines of pipeline project construction and operation. They have been jointly tackling risks and challenges, deepening mutual learning and cultural exchange, and ensuring the safe and stable operation of transnational pipelines.

Source: SINO-Pipeline International

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