Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Muhammadiyah leader Din Syamsuddin said the recent sectarian violence in Temanggung district, Central Java, could be the result of "orchestration" of irresponsible people.

"This incident must be revealed totally and comprehensively. How can Antonius Richmond Bawengan be brave in writing books containing religious blasphemy that he himself distributed to public," he said.

Speaking at a discussion forum about the problem of "inter-religious followers` harmony and its solution" here Monday, he said the Temanggung incident could be used by those who wanted to discredit inter-religious figures by accusing them of not being able to take care of their communities.

The February 8, 2011 incident could also be used by those who wanted to corner Islam by labeling it "intolerant and destructive" or disliked Indonesia to remain stable, peaceful and harmonious, he said.

The incident itself was believed by the Central Java provincial police to have been provoked by misleading information disseminated to the public through short text messages saying that Antonius Richmond Bawengan would get a light sentence from the Tamanggung district court.

Two churches, a Catholic school complex as well as a number of vehicles had become the target of mob violence following a clash during the court session on the religious blasphemy case.

In response to the Temanggung incident, Chairman of House of Representatives (DPR)`s Commission VIII Abdul Kadir Karding said that incident might be "the result of orchestration".

"I saw those arrested regarding the recent Temanggung incident were children who were paid to attend Antonius Richmond Bawengan`s trial," he said.

A part from this reality, who was Antonius Richmond Bawengan and the masterminds of the incident need to be thoroughly investigated, he said.

In connection with the Temanggung incident, Central Java Police Chief Inspector General Edward Aritonang recently said that the court`s panel of judges had actually sentenced Antonius to five years in jail.

More than a dozen suspects had been detained. Among them were identified as NHY, AS, SD, MY, SE, AK, AZ, and SM.

According to National Police Chief General Timur Pradopo, it had been established that the people involved in the February 8, 2011 violence had come from outside Temanggung district.(*)

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