Dragon boat race fields four categories on first day

Padang, West Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Four categories were fielded on the first day of the International Dragon Boat Race 2011 being held here from July 21 to 24, 2011.

"Today (Thursday, 21/7), four numbers are competed, namely inter-military unit 22 men`s crew, open 22 men`s crew, 22 women`s crew, and 12 women`s crew," Eri Berlian, the chairperson of the race`s competition section said here on Thursday.

In the inter-military unit 22 men`s crew, the participants were from the Indonesian Navy`s Western Fleet, the West Sumatra Police`s Mobile Brigade, Dolphin Jakarta, and the West Sumatra Police`s Water Police.

In the open 22 men`s crew, the participants were from the Indonesian Rowing Association (Podsi) of Agam District, Podsi Riau, Yonif 133, and the Tasik Rowing Club.

Three teams participated in the women`s 22 crew number, namely state junior high school SMP 31 Padang, Podsi Riau and Podsi Bengkalis.

In the women`s 12 crew category, the participants were from I The Navy`s Belawan main base in Medan, Podsi Papua Barat, Podsi Sumbar and the Malaysian police.

A medical team consisting of 20 doctors and two ambulances were made ready for emergency help.

International dragon boat race being held here from July 21 to 24, 2011, has attracted only one foreign participant, namely from Malaysia.

"In terms of foreign participants, only Malaysia is represented in the race," Deno Indra Firmansyah, the chairman of the race`s organizing committee, said here Thursday.

The organizing committee had invited Hong Kong, Taipei, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines to participate in the dragon boat race in Padang. But only Malaysia met the invitation.