Bandung, West Java (ANTARA News) - Vice President Boediono has reminded Indonesia`s young people to avoid narrow and exclusive attitudes that could disturb the foundation of the nation.

"The young people of Indonesia should not be tempted by a narrow and exclusive attitude because it can disturb the nation`s foundation," the vice president said at a function to observe the 83rd anniversary of Youth Pledge Day at Siliwangi sport stadium here on Friday.

The Youth Pledge was declared on October 28, 1928 by young Indonesian nationalists at a conference in the then-Dutch East Indies when they proclaimed three ideals, namely one motherland, one nation, and one language: Indonesia.

Before thousands of Indonesian youths at the stadium, the vice president said the people with narrow and exclusive attitude thought of themselves to be the best and right one and therefore the other groups should follow their example.

According to the vice president, the narrow and exclusive attitude was a big temptation that the young people in the country should avoid.

"There are many narrow and exclusive views that say they are the best and right group, but if it is adopted, it will be the same as ending the agreement of the founders of this nation," Boediono said.

Therefore the vice president on the occasion called on the young people of this country to take the example from their predecessors who declared the Youth Pledge.

Editor: Priyambodo RH
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