Jakarta facing water crisis

Jakarta facing water crisis

Kali Krukut Jakarta. (ANTARA/Citro Atmoko)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Jakarta is facing a clean water crisis as the nation`s demand for drinking water continues to surpass its supply, Indonesia Water Institute Chairman Firdaus Ali said here on Saturday.

"It is predicted that in 2015 Jakarta will have a water deficit of 23,720 liters per second," Firdaus said, following a Sinar Harapan Coffee Hour talk-show interview on water availability and food security.

He added that the Jakarta city government should immediately look for new water resources, since it is only able to supply 2.2 percent of the clean water demands of local residents.

Meanwhile, the Vice President Director of drinking water company PT PAM Lyonnaise Jaya, Herawati Prasetyo, said the demand for clean water in Jakarta would continue to increase.

"Most of the clean water supply in Jakarta comes from Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi and Depok," she said, adding that the local government should try to develop new water resources and infrastructures.

Separately, Hendra Gunawan, the Managing Director Corporate Affairs and Communication Asia Pulp and Paper Group (APP), said that as water mandate working group leader, he would work to protect sources of clean water.

"We are going to support the World Water Day 2012 campaign on `Water and Food Security` with various activities related to the protection of clean water," Hendra said.

Hendra added that poor water management could hamper the development and production of food, besides causing damage to the economy from water-related disasters.