Delft, the Netherlands (ANTARA News) - Indonesian students who are members of the Indonesian Students Association (PPI) Delft will perform two traditional dances at a multicultural event to be organized by Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), the Netherlands, on August 30, 2012.

"We will perform jali-jali and sipatokaan dances at the event," chairman of PPI Delft Sayuta Senobua said here Tuesday.

According to him, the event is the final series of the introduction program to welcome the new international students who will study at the technology university at the undergraduate and master levels.

Jali-jali dance from Betawi (another name of Jakarta) will be performed by some Indonesian students while Sipatokaan dance coming from North Sulawesi will be presented by some Indonesian children.

"Sipatokaan`s movement and rhythm are very dynamic and cheerful so it (the dance) fits to be carried by children. They (the dancers) are the children of Indonesian families who live in The Hague and Schiedam and the students who are studying in Delft," he explained.

Sayuta said the two different traditional dances represent Indonesia which is rich in traditions, cultures and customs from various regions in the country.

Sayuta who is currently studying a master in Engineering Policy Analysis said in addition to two traditional dances Indonesian students will also feature several traditional fashions and cultural ornaments.

The event organizer will also present some typical snacks and drinks such as lemper (Indonesian snack of chicken wrapped in sticky rice), fried bananas, onion pie, kelepon (sweet rice balls stuffed with coconut sugar) and cendol ice (a traditional Indonesian desert made from shaved ice, coconut milk, starch noodles and palm sugar).

"The purpose of PPI`s participation in this event is to introduce the Indonesian culture to the international community in Delft," he added.

He said the international community, especially those at the universities in Delft give good impressions to the Indonesian people and students.

"They often say that although the Indonesian people are very diverse, they have high spirit of kinship. Our cultural and tenacity attitude are also highlighted by the international community," Sayuta said.

PPI Delft`s performance at the multicultural event at TU Delft campus is involving almost all the Indonesian students both at TU Delft and the Institute for Water Education (UNESCO-IHE) who are now studying for bachelor, master as well as doctoral degrees . In addition, the Indonesians who live in Delft, the Hague and Schiedam also support the participation in the cultural event.

"Most of the dancers are Indonesian children while the dance trainers, make up and stylists are their own parents who are currently studying or have been living in the Netherlands," Sayuta said.

The support is also obtained from the Indonesian Embassy in the Hague in the form of funds and traditional clothes and cultural ornaments. The education and cultural attache of the Indonesian embassy is also expected to attend the event.

Student organizations from India, China, Iran, Mexico, Greece and the Caribbean will also take part in the upcoming event.

On the occasion, PPI Delft will likewise introduce the organization`s profile and activities of Indonesian students including fun bike, sports and scientific presentations and discussions.

"PPI Delft will perform as well as possible because we are carrying Indonesia`s dignity," Sayuta said.


Editor: Jafar M Sidik
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