Yoyakarta (ANTARA News) - The world can meet its demand for energy by utilizing uranium reserves as this energy source is abundant, an expert staff said.

"The world stocks of uranium is predicted to be enough to meet the world need for energy for about 3,600 years," Agus R Hoetman, expert staff of the research and technology minister for advanced energy and material affairs, told a seminar in Yogyakarta on Wednesday.

He said that the shortage of energy still could be anticipated by utilizing renewable energy sources, one of which is uranium that could be used as a source of nuclear energy.

"In Indonesia the uranium reserves are scattered in a number regions outside Java so that it would enable the use of a nuclear power plant when fossil sources are used up," Agus said.

Indonesia has a uranium reserve of at least 53,000 tons which could be used as basic material for building nuclear power plants (PLTN), including 29,000 tons in West Kalimantan and 24,000 tons in Bangka Belitung.

The latest finding last March indicated that the largest uranium reserve in Indonesia is in Mamuju, West Sulawesi.

The highest uranium potential in Mamuju is found in the hilly area of Takandeang village, Tapalang subdistrict, about 40 km from Mamuju city.

Until 2010, however, Indonesia still used most 95.21 percent fossils energy and less than five percent of renewable energy.

Considering that the fossil energy source continued to deplete, the correct step is to utilize new and renewable energy sources in which Indonesia is rich.


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