Mandailing Natal has potential gold reserves

...produces not only gold, but also other minerals
Medan, N Sumatra (ANTARA News) - The regency of Mandailing Natal (Madina) of North Sumatra has potential gold reserves, a North Sumatra provincial official said.

Head of the general mining division of the energy and the North Sumatra mineral resource office Zubaidi said here on Wednesday gold mining company PT.Sorikmas Mining (SMM) has found potential gold reserves in the regency of Madina.

"PT SMM has spent long time surveying and exploring the western coast of Sumatra for commercially valuable mineral deposits," Zubaidi said.

Hhe said gold deposits have been found in the sub-districts of Hutabargot, Larutambagan, Kotanopan, Natal, Simpang Gambir and Sinunu.

"The regency of Madina produces not only gold, but also other minerals like silver, copper, tin, platinum and bauxite," he said.

Other neighboring regencies like Dairi, Palas, Paluta, North Tapanuli and Central Tapanuli are also believed to have gold deposits yet untapped, he said.

Further surveys and explorations are needed in the region,to determine the feasibility of investment, he said, adding investors are invited to carry out the explorations.

The North Sumatra energy and mineral resources office would continue to carry out field surveys in the region, he said.