"The warehouse is safe because there is protection from floods and fire."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Floods have affected the Bank Indonesia building on MH Thamrin road, but the bank has assured the public that their money in the Khasanah warehouse is safe.

"The warehouse is safe because there is protection from floods and fire," said the Head of the Public Relations Group at Bank Indonesia, Difi A Johansyah, on Thursday.

The Ciliwung River overflowed on Thursday, affecting Jalan Thamrin Horse Statue Circle and the Bank Indonesia office. However, this afternoon, the height of floodwaters started to decrease.

Although the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) building was not flooded, the Jakarta Stock Exchange authorities were aware of the Emergency Response status declared by the government.

"Trading of stocks will proceed as usual tomorrow, but if the situation becomes worse and the government declares an emergency, most of the members will not be able to trade," said the Director of Commerce and Members Settings at IDX, Samsul Hidayat.

He added IDX will continue to coordinate with members of stock exchanges to ensure that trade continues as usual.

He said floods had affected the daily transaction value of stock trading. The value fell to Rp1.64 trillion, when the average daily transaction value is about Rp2.5 trillion.

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