HKTI hails ban on fruit imports

HKTI hails ban on fruit imports

Buah impor (FOTO ANTARA/M Agung Rajasa)

we must love local fruits and vegetables
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Farmers Association (HKTI) hailed on Sunday the government`s decision to ban fruit imports in six months` time saying the move is very constructive to boost the spirit of local fruit growers.

The decision set forth in the joint regulation of the agriculture minister and the trade minister number 60/2012 is praiseworthy, HKTI chief for trade Ismet Hasan Putro said.

Ismet who is also the president director of state-owned plantation company PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (RNI) said the association positively welcomed the policy which sided with the Indonesian farmers.

Hopefully, there would be more policies which would favor the local farmers` interests in the future, he said.

"Now is the time for us to be consistent in achieving self-reliance in food and horticultural production. As a nation, we must love local fruits and vegetables," he said.

The Indonesian nation should learn from the Japanese and South Korean nations who are proud of their own agricultural products, he said.

He expressed regret over the statement by the Indonesian Retailers Association (Aprindo) that consumers would have diarrhea if they consume local fruits and vegetables.

"The Aprindo statement underestimates the Indonesian farmers and local agricultural produce," he said.

Business interest should not discourage the Indonesian nation to become self-reliant and reduce imports, he said.

He expressed hope that the joint regulation would be implemented consistently without any deviation merely because of pragmatic interests.