"Inflation can affect the welfare of the poor, therefore social protection is necessary," Boediono said.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Vice President Boediono said that compensation as part of social protection should be given to the poor in preventing inflation effects.

"Inflation can affect the welfare of the poor, therefore social protection is necessary," he said here Wednesday.

Boediono said that there should be efforts to keep the inflation rate, because high inflation can affect the poor`s purchasing power and condition.

"Inflation affects everyone but there are groups that overburdened and vulnerable to inflation, namely the poor, we have to focus there," he said.

Boediono said that the government has prepared a variety of compensation in the form of a health card, rice for the poor, scholarships for poor students as well as other programs to secure their welfare.

Therefore, Beodiono demands all local leaders to oversee the implementation of the social assistance program and called for increased coordination with the monitoring center.

"The implementation of the social protection should really be supervised and the coordination must be improved to anticipate any unexpected things in the field," he said.

Boediono also asked the regional inflation controlling team, TPID, not only to maintain the regional general inflation rate, but also food prices that can affect the poor`s condition.

"Keeping food security is a requirement and the key to success in controlling inflation," he said.

Current inflation control policy requires more synergy and cooperation among regions, due to the more complex challenges in controlling inflation and there is no area that can meet all the needs of the community.(*)

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