So long as they meet our criteria we would welcome."
Medan, North Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Indonesia is hoping to become a strong industrial country by focusing on developing oleo-chemical or vegetable oil and crude palm oil industries.

Deputy Industry Minister Alex SW Retraubun said on the sidelines of an Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting here on Sunday that the Indonesian government has already set a number of policies to realize the idea.

Among the steps to be taken is reducing sales of crude palm oil for domestic processing into various kinds of industrial derivative products, he said.

He said a lot of raw materials could be made into industrial products such as oleo-chemical, CPO, gas and various other resources.

As the biggest producer of CPO he said Indonesia would give an opportunity to and invite APEC member countries to invest in the country, he said.

He said at various discussions Indonesia had always said it would meet all the requirements and hopes conveyed by APEC members to prioritize development of green industries.

As a country wishing to become a strong industrial country, he said, Indonesia would not complicate licensing procedures for investment.

"So long as they meet our criteria we would welcome," he said.

As a party active in APEC activities Indonesia hopes countries in the Asia Pacific would give support to the plan including helping other countries that have the same hope.

"We wish for a better economy and common APEC members must support each other," he said.

(Reporting by Irwan Arfa/H-YH/S012)

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