Police arrest nine illegal immigrants at Jambi airport

Jambi, Jambi (ANTARA News) - Police of South Jambi arrested nine illegal immigrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan in Sultan Thaha Airport, Jambi.

"They were secured by the airport security officers while waiting in the airport to head to Jakarta," Head of South Jambi Sector Police Office Adjunct Commissioner Dudi Nuveri said here on Tuesday.

The police also searched for the agent allegedly abandoning the immigrants.

The immigrants, consisting of seven adults and two children were taken to the local immigration office for investigation.

Four immigrants are registered as Pakistan nationals based on their passport, namely Ahmed M. Ibrahim and Mohammad Younes, Sayed Irsad Husein and Bair Hussain.

The rest are Afghanistan nationals, namely Wahid Abdul Sediq, Mohammed, Hamidah, Ehsan and Fatimah.

They were left in Sultan Thaha Airport at 05:30 am Western Indonesia Time.

However, the police still investigated the way the illegal immigrants enter the Jambi region.(*)