Bulog`s rice procurement reaches 3.2 million tons

Palu, C Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - Rice procurement by the Board of Logistics (Bulog) all over the country has reached 3.19 million tons so far this year.

The target for rice procurement during this year`s harvests is set at 3.7 million tons, the head of the Central Sulawesi unit of Bulog Damin Hartono said.

Damin said Central Sulawesi is expected to contribute Rp40,000 tons to the national target.

So far rice procurement by the regional unit of Bulog already reached 33,300 tons, he said.

Based on the realization, the Central Sulawesi unit of Bulog is optimistic the 40,000 tons target could be reached, he said.

He even predicted the target would be surpassed in the remaining two months of the year.

There is still grand harvest in November-December in some areas in the province, he said.

He said Bulog cooperates with not only rice milling companies but also with local groups of farmers to ensure that the target could be reached.

The Central Sulawesi unit of Bulog has sought to rely on local farmer to meet its procurement target and refuse imports.

"Starting this year the provincial unit of Bulog would rely only on local farmers to meet its target," Damin said.