Anas facing KPK investigators without lawyer

Anas arrived at KPK with a number of his loyalists and friends, but without a lawyer.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Former general chairman of the ruling Democratic Party Anas Urbaningrum, appeared at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) on Friday afternoon to face his first investigation since he was named a corruption suspect around year earlier.

He arrived at KPK with a number of his loyalists and friends, but without a lawyer.

He said goodbye to his friends and walked alone to the KPK office to face his investigators. None of the members of his team of lawyers were present.

Anas was charged with receiving bribery in connection with the construction of the Hambalang sport center when he was chairman of the Democratic Party faction in the House of Representative before he won the chairmanship of the party in 2010.

His team of lawyers said they did not agree with KPK saying that Anas is summoned as "a suspect in the Hambalang project and or other projects."

"We dont agree with the wording saying Anas as a suspect in the Hambalang project and or in other projects," one of his lawyers Pia Akbar Nasution said .

Anas failed to honor the second KPK summon on Tuesday, instead he sent three of his lawyers Firman Wijaya, Indra Nathan Kusnadi and Carrel Ticualu to question what KPK means with "other projects."

"The (KPK)investigators could not give explanation about the other projects. Such summon is not in line with the criminal code," one of his lawyers Pia Akbar Nasution said.

Pia said Anas went to KPK as he wanted to ask for himself what KPK means with the words other projects.

Anas came to KPK after the anti graft agency warned him that he would be picked up by force if he failed to comply with his third summon.

Around July 2013, KPK chairman Abraham Samad said Anas was also implicated in alleged corruption in projects other than Hambalang including solar power generating project of the manpower and transmigration ministry, and project of the education ministry.

Abraham said KPK was investigating alleged involvement of Anas in the projects.

In addition, KPK investigated alleged flow of money from state companies to bribe voters to win the congress of the Democratic Party in 2010.

In the process of investigating Anas involvement in corruption cases, KPK has questioned the president of PT Bio Farma Iskandar and the finance director of the state pharmaceutical company Mohammad Sofie A Hasan.

KPK has also investigated Lukman Hidayat, a senior official of state owned construction company PT Pembangunan Perumahan related to possible involvement of Anas in corruption in the projects of the companies.

In his dossier, Deddy Kusdinar, a senior official of the sport and youth affair ministry, now a convict, said Anas received Rp2.21 billion in bribe from the Hambalang project.

KPK is probing allegation that funds had flowed to the Democratic Partys congress in 2010 from the Hambalang project which caused a loss of Rp463.66 billion to the state.

Anas was officially named a suspect on February 22 in 2013 on charge of receiving bribe. He tendered his resignation as general chairman of the party, which was founded by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, immediately after he was named a suspect.

Anas has maintained that allegations against him were all false saying he was being plotted against as he was not wanted by Yudhoyono.

KPK found and confiscated Rp1 billion , a blackberry cell phone and passport of Anass wife Attiyah Laila from his house in a raid by by the agency recently. (*)