Bantul, Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Thirty-two people have received treatment at the PKU Muhammadiyah hospital in Bantul, Yogyakarta, due to the ill effects of the Mount Kelud eruption in East Java.

"Based on the data received since Friday morning until 2 p.m., we have received around 32 patients and treated them at the emergency ward," Johan Nasrudin Firdaus, a private hospital spokesman stated here on Friday.

He noted that the number is expected to further increase due to the ongoing volcanic ash rain caused by the eruption since Thursday night, in the district of the Yogyakarta special region in central Java.

He reported that some of the people rushed to the hospital were suffering from breathing problems, while others were receiving treatment for road accidents.

"Many of them were taken to the hospital for injuries after falling off their motorbikes while riding on slippery roads and traffic accidents caused by low visibility as a result of the volcanic ash rain," he explained.

He added that no deaths were reported due to the impact of the Mount Kelud eruption in Bantul, so far.

Yogyakarta, which is located hundreds of kilometers from Mount Kelud, has been covered by ash following the eruption of the mountain in Kediri, East Java, at 10.50 p.m., on Thursday, that has also forced closure of the local airport.

Reporting by Heri Sidik



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