Delayed delivery of 2013 curriculum books poses problems for teaching

Padang (ANTARA News) - Teaching and learning activities in several areas in West Sumatra have been affected due to a delay in the distribution of books outlined for the 2013 curriculum.

"The problem is that we have not received the handbooks. Teachers are finding it difficult to teach," Head of Mentawai Islands Education Department Sumarno stated here on Monday.

He had placed an order for the handbooks in July, but unfortunately, they are yet to arrive.

Therefore, the teachers have started using traditional teaching materials that they were provided during their training.

"It was difficult to download because telecommunication networks have been affected for the past three days," he pointed out.

Sumarno hoped for the speedy distribution of books for the 2013 curriculum.

Earlier, Head of Padang Education Department Indang Dewata was concerned about the students who had not yet received their handbooks.

"Students will face the mid-semester examination, but the children do not have handbooks," Indang noted.

The distribution of books for the elementary school curriculum in Padang has been completed, but for junior and senior high school levels, it is yet to begin.

Similar difficulties were also expressed by South Coastal Head Rusma Yul Anwar who stated that the slow distribution of handbooks is a major problem.

"How do I teach, if there is no handbook," Rusma remarked.

Deputy Minister of Education and Culture Musliar Kasim acknowledged the delay in the distribution of handbooks.

According to former rector of the University of Andalas, the ministry has taken steps to quickly complete the distribution.

"We have made various efforts, such as appointing staff in the printing company to supervise the printing of handbooks. Later, if there are problems such as shortage of printing paper, we will directly call the paper company," Musliar affirmed.

Another constraint faced were limited number of companies that can print the handbook. The book can be printed in a newspaper publishing house.

"In addition, the delay was also due to the late release of the work order for printing the handbooks," he emphasized.

The deputy minister visited various areas in West Sumatra since Saturday (September 6).

Curriculum 2013 is applicable for the 2014-2015 school year term. But unfortunately, the implementation of the curriculum was overshadowed by the delayed delivery of the books.