Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) needs 30 more rehabilitation centers for narcotic drug addicts as part of efforts to eradicate narcotic drugs addiction.

"Right now we only have four units in four provinces while 30 other provinces have not yet had one and the facility is still very limited to accommodate four million narcotic drug addicts," BNN chief Commissioner General Anang Iskandar said after attending the commemoration of the Islamic New Year at Bung Karno stadium here on Sunday.

Ideally, he said, each province in Indonesia must have one rehabilitation center and later each district and city must also have one to rehabilitate narcotic drugs addicts in the country.

He said "the rehabilitation center is very important with regard to narcotic drug eradication because if all addicts recover no one will certainly the illegal substance."

He said rehabilitation would also reduce narcotic prisoners in jails in the country which have so far been over capacitated.

"Right now the number of narcotic addicts in jails reaches four millions," he said.

He said if the number of rehabilitation centers is enough cases of narcotic abuse will certainly drop as the number of narcotic prisoners will recover from their addiction.

"So far the number of narcotic drug users is still very high because they have not yet recovered from their addiction to make the country become a good international market for narcotic drugs," he said.

In view of that he hoped the central and regional governments would build more rehabilitation centers for narcotic addicts in the country.

He said methods that have been used to recover the addicts in the rehabilitation centers vary including medical, social, therapeutic community means, religious approach, acupuncture and hypnotherapy."

On the occasion of the Islamic Year celebration that day the Indonesia Council of Ulemas has launched a national campaign against narcotic drugs as part of its efforts to help the government fight narcotic drugs.

(Reporting by Aprionis/UuH-YH/F001)

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