Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The National Anti-narcotics Agency (BNN) has arrested in Riau Province a truck loaded with eight tons of dried marijuana from Aceh, BNN Chief Commissioner General Anang Iskandar said.

"I have to make public the arrest of the eight tons of marijuana in Riau," Anang said after attending the Islamic New year celebrations at the Bung Karno Sports Stadium (GBK) here on Sunday.

He said that the BNN officials in Riau had arrested a truck loaded with eight tons of dried ganja packed in gunny sacks. "The suspects and the evidence are being held by the BNN officials in Riau province."

During the Islamic New Year commemoration function, the Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) and Muslim leaders from various Islamic organizations declare a national anti-narcotics movement.

The declaration was read by MUI chairman Din Syamsudin, followed by leaders from various Islamic and youth organizations.

They pledged to help the government in its effort to eradicate distribution of narcotic drugs in the country.

Din said the declaration was the decision taken by Muslims in the country to fight narcotic drug distribution and create a younger generation with good character to build the nation.

"To fight narcotic drugs public awareness of the danger of the drugs needs to be increased," he said.

He said he hoped the National Anti-Narcotic Agency (BNN) and the police would support the anti-narcotic movement.

"Right now the distribution of narcotic drugs in the country has come to a very alarming level reaching not only cities but also remote villages and families," he said.

The BNN chief said that he welcomed and support the participation of religious organizations in fighting against illegal drugs.

"We support the movement of religious organizations particiaption in fighting against illegal drug trafficking," Anang said.

He said that BNN is a non-ministerial government institution which had the task of preventing and cracking down on the abuse and illegal trafficking of psychotropic and other addictive substances.

"We hope that with the arrest of eight tons of dried marijuana and the declaration of the anti-drug movement will reduce the circulation of illegal narcotics among the public," the BNN chief said.

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