Two Indonesians bestowed with Japanese medals of merit

Jakarta (ANTARA News) -- The Japanese government bestowed medals of merit to two Indonesians for their contributions towards helping to develop close relations between the nations.

On Thursday, Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia Yasuaki Tanizaki conferred the "Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Rays" on Linda Pasaribu and Siswoto Sarkam, who worked for the Japanese embassy for several years.

"We cannot carry out tasks at the embassy without the support of the local staff. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they have contributed to maintaining the good relations between Japan and Indonesia," Tanizaki said at the Japanese Embassy here.

Pasaribu worked as a secretary at the embassys coordination section for 37 years, while Sarkam worked for the embassys information and education section for 29 years.

"Although they have retired, I hope they continue to maintain relations with the embassys staff and give them advice based on their experience," he remarked.

Pasaribu stated that she never dreamed of being bestowed with the medal of merit.

"I pray for increasingly closer relations between Indonesia and Japan in the future," she noted.

Similarly, Sarkam expressed her gratitude to the Japanese government for awarding her the medal of merit.


Reported by Nanien Yuniar