Agung Laksono requests Prabowo to not intervene

"Let us settle the issue independently. We have our own way of settling it. Moreover, we have been given guidance for it," Agung said.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - General Chairman of Golkar Party Agung Laksono has urged the Great Indonesia Movement Partys (Gerindras) General Chairman Prabowo Subianto to not meddle in the internal affairs of his party.

"He had better not interfere in the internal affairs (of other)," Agung stated at a meeting with the executive board of the Peoples Conscience Party (Hanura) here on Friday.

Agung remarked in response to Prabowos statement during a recent exclusive interview with private TvOne station in which Prabowo said he believed that the Golkar Partys executive board, under the leadership of Aburizal Bakrie, set up in the national congress held in Bali was legitimate.

Prabowo, the leader of Gerindra party, which is affiliated to the Red-White Coalition, stated that the recent governments decision to recognize the executive board formed in the national congress in Ancol, Jakarta, and led by Agung Laksono as the legitimate one, can threaten the development of democracy in the country.

With regard to the statement, Laksono emphasized that the one entitled to determine the legitimacy of a party executive board was the governor, in this case, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and not a person from another party.

Agung did not consider Prabowos statement as a show of defiance, but he appealed to the former presidential candidate of 2014 to not intervene in the affairs.

"Let us settle the issue independently. We have our own way of settling it. Moreover, we have been given guidance for it," he remarked.

Laksono met the executive board of Hanura on Friday after earlier holding a meeting with the leader of the National Democrat Party (Nasdem). He also plans to meet Romahurmuzzy, a United Development Party (PPP) figure, as part of his "political safari" made following the governments decision to recognize his Golkar Party leadership.

During the safari, Agung elaborated on the Golkar Partys stance as a supporter of the government.

He said it was inappropriate for the party to affiliate in a coalition set up during the presidential election as he believes that it would only divide the people.

In view of that, he expressed his decision to withdraw Golkar Party out of the Red-White Coalition and to coalesce with other parties as a key partner of the government.(*)