Air Asia will coordinate with relevant authorities to inform customers about the latest developments."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Air Asia Indonesia canceled all flights to and from Juanda International Airport in Surabaya from 1:20 p.m. till 7:20 p.m. local time (GMT+7) due to volcanic activity of Mount Raung, the airline said on Thursday.

Secretary of Communications of Air Asia Indonesia Audrey Progastama Petriny announced in a press release here on Thursday that among the flights canceled were two local round trip Surabaya-Jakarta flights (QZ 7689/QZ 7688 and QZ 7683/QZ 7682); four international Surabaya-Kuala Lumpur flights (QZ 323, QZ 8297/QZ 8298, QZ 325/QZ 326/QZ 327, and AK 362/AK 363); and a Surabaya-Penang flight (QZ 386/QZ 387).

Passengers affected by the cancelations will be notified and given options with regard to the status of their flights.

"Air Asia will coordinate with relevant authorities to inform customers about the latest developments," Petriny affirmed.

The airline will give passengers an option to reschedule their flight with no additional fee to the same destination no later than 14 days from the original schedule.

Moreover, Air Asia will also provide passengers with a deposit named "Credit Shell" worth the price of a ticket, which can be used to purchase another ticket with the airline. It will be valid for up to three months (90 days).

"To get more information, customers are encouraged to visit the airlines website and check updates on its social media pages," she remarked.

Furthermore, Head of Public Communications Julius Andravida Barata stated that a Notam (Notice to Airmen) issued by the Directorate General for Civil Aviation forced two airports to halt operations. These were Notam No. A1447/15 and Notam No. C0552/15.

Juanda International Airport was closed temporarily at 6:20 UTC, which is 1:20 p. m. local time, till 12:20 UTC, which is 7:20 p.m. local time, Barata pointed out.

In addition, he added, Abdurahman Saleh Airport was also closed temporarily from 7.30 UTC, which is 2:30 p.m. local time, till 13:30 UTC, which is 8:30 p.m. local time.

(Reported by Juwita Trisna Rahayu/Uu.A071/INE/KR-BSR/A014)

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