Indonesian environment minister concerned about dolphin show in Bali

Indonesian environment minister concerned about dolphin show in Bali

Photo document of dolphin kiss the audience at the show dolphins swimming around in a plastic tub. (ANTARA/Rivan Awal Lingga)

Thank you for voicing your concern through this petition."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Environment Minister Siti Nurbaya has expressed concern over the dolphin show organized in Bali, which is discussed worldwide and has been petitioned on

"Today, Minister Nurbaya commented on to express her concern for four dolphins in Bali. The petition was created three weeks ago," Communications Director of Indonesia Desmarita Murni said here on Monday.

The petition was created by an Australian surfer, Craig Brokensha, with the title, "Free four wild dolphins contained in a tiny resort pool."

Till Monday, the petition had received more than 290 thousand signatures.

According to Murni, Brokensha protested the four captured dolphins being kept in a small, chlorinated pool in Keramas district, Bali.

In her comment, Nurbaya pointed out that she had noticed the petition. She also offered her gratitude for the publics concern for environmental conservation and animal rescue issues such as the case of the dolphins in Bali.

"I have been aware of this petition since it was created and have been following its updates," she remarked. "Thank you for voicing your concern through this petition. Your support and reports will help us conserve and protect the environment."

The minister further noted that the petition had been taken very seriously, and an investigation on the matter was underway.

"If the resort carries out any prohibited acts, regardless of whether it is violence or negligence towards the dolphins, we will take firm action," she emphasized.

In addition, Nurbaya admitted that the petition had promoted the dolphin show extensively, due to which a public discussion on the subject was needed with the involvement of numerous parties.

With regard to this idea, she added that in the next few weeks, the Environment Ministry will invite experts on conservation, animal protection, education, and psychology, as well as from non-governmental organizations, to a public discussion on the protection of dolphins.

"We will hold an open discussion to find a win-win solution," she said.


Reporting by Ricky Prayoga




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