The conflicts only took place between humans and elephants and tigers."
Jambi (ANTARA News) - Some 150 conflicts have occurred between humans and animals in Jambi Province during the past one year since most of the wildlife habitats have been converted into plantations.

The conflicts often occur in Berbak National Park located in East Tanjung Jabung District in PT LAJ company area and Bukit 30 areas in Kebo District, as well as in Kerinci Seblat National Park, Executive Director of the Indonesian Environmental Forum (Walhi) in Jambi Musri Nauli stated here.

"The conflicts only took place between humans and elephants and tigers. According to Walhis records, 150 cases are reported every year, which means that a conflict occurs every two days," he noted.

People have encroached upon animal habitats and converted them into public roads. As a result, the animals have ventured into villages and encountered the inhabitants, thus leading to unavoidable conflicts.

In Tebo District, the population of elephants has decreased in Bukit 30 areas of the national park due to conflicts with humans.

The population of tigers has also dropped to only 50. Due to human encroachment, tigers and elephants have been forced to trespass into human settlements in search of food and water, particularly during the dry season.

He urged the government to not allow companies to open new plantations in forest areas.

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