Bandarlampung, Lampung (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Environmental Forum (Walhi) of Lampung appealed to the Bandarlampung city government and Lampung provincial government to thoroughly investigate water pollution recurring along the coast of Laut Panjang.

"The regional governments and law enforcement officers must immediately make efforts to deter environmental criminals, as similar incidents have occurred thrice in the Lampung Sea in 2020, 2021, and now in 2022," Director of Walhi Lampung Irfan Tri Musri stated here on Wednesday.

Based on the results of Walhi's field review, the polluted area is located at the coordinates of 5°28'50.3"S 105°19'09.8"E in RT 09 Kampung Rawa, Laut Panjang, Bandarlampung City.

"At the location, you can see waste that resembles oil staining the coastline, black in color, and reeking of diesel oil," he stated.

Musri remarked that waste pollution was spotted along the coast since the past four days and had turned the color of the shoreline black.

The NGO activist claimed that the government and law enforcement officers had yet to inform the public about the efforts they had taken to address the problem of pollution and whether the polluters had been sanctioned.

"Regarding the waste problem that occurred in 2020, 2021, and currently in 2022, it is not yet known how far the process has gone because the police's investigation process is not transparent," Musri stated.

Chairman of the Neighborhood Association (RT) 09 Pantai Panjang Imam Suhari remarked that pollution on the beach had been ongoing since last four days.

"For the past four days, this waste has polluted the beach. It is possible that the waste came from the middle of the sea and then the waves carried it to the shore," he remarked.

Suhari urged the concerned authorities to deal with the pollution that had killed fish and triggered concerns among the local residents.
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