A number of flights have been cancelled or delayed since Monday."
Batam (ANTARA News) - Thick haze of smokes from bush fires disrupted flight scheduled from and to the Hang Nadim international airport of Batam.

Citilink QG 930 from Palembang was scheduled to arrive in Batam at 10.000 local time but the flight had apparently been cancelled from Palembang.

Another Citilink aircraft, QG 884, from Medan to land at 10.10 was also cancelled.

Similar inconvenience was also suffered by Lion Air JT 975 from Medan cancelling morning flight to arrive at 10.40 at Batam on Wednesday.

Nam air IN 9886 from Jambi was due to land at Batam at 09.00 but until 10.30 failed to appeared at Batam.

Meanwhile , a number of flights from Batam have also been cancelled or delayed including those of Transnusa to Dumai of Riau, and Lion Air JT 963 to Bengkulu.

The smokes from bush fires in Sumatra had caused visibility problem in a number of airports in mainland Sumatra over the past several days.

"A number of flights have been cancelled or delayed since Monday," said Suwarso, head of the general affairs of the International Airport of Hang Nadim.

The visibility in the Hang Nadim airport is still safe , but the thick smokes over the ports of destination or departure in Sumatra caused the problem.

"Batam has only the impact of disruption of flight schedules in other airports in Sumatra," he said.

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