What comes next after Sail Tomini 2015?

What comes next after Sail Tomini 2015?

Sail Tomini (ANTARA)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Situated between the Indian and Pacific Oceans in-between Asia and Australia, Indonesia is proud to have organized annual sailing rallies for many years.

Called Sail Indonesia, the annual sailing rally usually departs from the harbor of the Australian Northern Territorial City of Darwin in the middle of July and is followed by a three-month program of linked events across the Indonesian archipelago.

Previous Sail Indonesia events included Sail Bunaken in North Sulawesi in 2009, Sail Banda in Maluku in 2010, Sail Wakatobi-Bitong in Southeast Sulawesi and Bangka-Belitung Islands in 2011, Sail Morotai in North Maluku in 2012, Sail Komodo in East Nusa Tenggara in 2013, Sail Raja Ampat in West Papua in 2014, and now Sail Tomini 2015 in Central Sulawesi.

Sail Tomini was jointly launched by Coordinating Minister for Culture and Human Resource Development Puan Maharani and eight other ministers, two governors, and two district heads at the Epicentrum Hotel in Jakarta in May 2015.

Minister Maharani, at the time, expressed her optimism that Sail Tomini would help to promote tourism in the provinces of Central Sulawesi and Gorontalo, and improve the welfare of the local people.

But what will come after the highly awaited Sail Tomini, whose main event will be held at Parigi Moutong district in Central Sulawesi on September 19, 2015 ?

It will most likely be the turn of Kayong Utara district in West Kalimantan province to host the international maritime event, Sail Karimata 2016.

According to the Pontianak Post, Kayong Utara district has been proposed to host the Sail Karimata in September 2016 because the event will have a positive impact on tourism and infrastructure development there.

"If Kayong Utara district hosts the international maritime event of Sail Karimata 2016, a lot of supporting infrastructure will be developed to support the tourism and to improve the welfare of the local community," West Kalimantan Deputy Governor Christiandy Sanjaya remarked.

The Indonesian Marine Board recently reviewed the readiness of Kayong Utara district to host Sail Karimata 2016, and visited numerous locations to decide which one is suitable to become the venue of the rallys main event.

Kayong Utara district tourism office spokesman Mas Yuliandi said in the West Kalimantan provincial city of Pontianak recently that the local government was ready to hold Karimata Festival in October 2015.

"The Karimata Festival 2015 will be a barometer for the preparation of international maritime event of Sail Karimata next year," Yuliandi said in Pontianak over the weekend.

He noted that the festival will be held in conjunction with the arrival of numerous yachts from several countries to enliven the ongoing Wonderful Sail Indonesia 2015.

"Karimata Festival is expected to promote Sail Karimata next year," he remarked.

Meanwhile, Karimata Festival Committee Chairman Amri explained that the committee has paid serious attention to make this event a great success in order to support the implementation of Sail Karimata 2016.

"Facilities and infrastructure to support the festival are 80 percent ready, but we need to improve the coordination and communication with relevant parties," Amri remarked.

He expressed his hope that the weather in October will be conducive for the Karimata Festival.

For that, he said the committee will continue to coordinate with the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) to ensure that the festival will run smoothly.

The Karimata Festival will be centered in the villages of Betok and Padang in Kayong Utara district in order to attract participants from local communities and from outside the district.

Until now, the committee has been working to make preparations for the upcoming festival in October.

"This festival is part of the preparation for Sail Karimata 2016. One factor determining the success or failure of Sail Karimata next year is the Karimata Festival this year," he said.

He added that during the festival, there will be various competitions, such as the photography competition, both on landscape and underwater, a fishing competition, as well as diving, snorkeling, food festivals, journalists' trips, canoe race, and a variety of traditional folk entertainment.

Amri noted that for all competitions during the Karimata Festival, the organizing committee will not demand registration fees, but even bear the costs of lodging, transportation and meals for participants.

Situated some 100 kilometers west of Ketapang town in West Kalimantan, Karimata islands is a special destination in the province because of its renowned ecosystems, such as mangrove and tropical

Forests, and stunning underwater scenery.

Karimata is made up of two large islands, Karimata and Serutu islands, and several other smaller islands with beautiful scenery, friendly people, and a relaxed atmosphere.

By motorboat, Karimata islands can be reached in 18 hours from the city of Pontianak.

Given to the difficult transportation to these beautiful islands, economic activities and infrastructure there are relatively small, compared to other regions.

Therefore, Kayong Utara districts dream to host Sail Karmata 2016 will come true, and the local peoples welfare can be expected to improve.