Nigerian syndicate smuggling methamphetamine into RI

Jakarta (ANTARA News)- Citizens of Nigeria have allegedly gained control of a major drug syndicate that circulates methamphetamine in Indonesia, National Narcotics Agency (BNN) said.
"Starting from June till August 2015, BNN has uncovered at least 14 cases with 23 suspects, namely five foreigners and 18 Indonesian citizens," the Head of BNN Public Relations, Senior Commissioner Slamet Pribadi, stated in a press release on Saturday.
Pribadi said all cases of drug smuggling had the same modus operandi, and were mainly shipped from Guangzho, China and hidden in a wide variety of goods, such as machine tools, massagers, womens bags, motorcycle engines, printer cartridges or an engine generator set.
"The entire network is controlled by a syndicate in Nigeria, which uses women as couriers from Indonesia," said Pribadi.
From all the cases reported during the June to August 2015 period, BNN has seized up to 103,816.4 grams of methamphetamine till date.
Disclosing the details of the 14 cases during which the quintal of methamphetamine was recovered, Pribadi said the drug haul was a result of the collaboration between various drug enforcement agencies.
"The big cases were cracked as a result of the cooperation among BNN, the Director General of Customs and Excise, the Director General of Immigration, the cargo company, law enforcement agencies for narcotics in China, and the National Narcotics Control Commission of the Peoples Republic of China (NNCC)," Pribadi added.(*)