Culture-based creative economy is not wrong, but its lifetime is short."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) has urged to develop technology-based creative industries in the country.

"The objective of the meeting held during the Festival of Science and Technology in Bandung for three days (October 5-7, 2015) is to achieve global collaboration. Of the six areas, we need advanced technology," Deputy for Engineering Sciences of LIPI Laksana Tri Handoko affirmed here on Tuesday.

According to Handoko, it is necessary to create technology-based creative industries.

"Culture-based creative economy is not wrong, but its lifetime is short. From now on, we will cooperate with relevant parties to develop technology-based creative industries," he emphasized.

Handoko pointed out that the LIPI has contemplated to cooperate with the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) to support the development of science and technology-based creative economy in Indonesia.

"It was too late to develop the manufacturing industry that can produce global products. New creative industries based on science and technology, with high product differentiation, will have the opportunity to be known globally," he remarked.

"It is difficult to compete with the existing global manufacturing companies, if we want to create computers, mobile phones, smart phones, chips, and televisions," he stated.

He pointed that the automotive industry was the only manufacturing sector that still has the opportunity to grow in Indonesia.

However, this situation will change once electric cars are developed, and small business units will be able to independently manufacture electric motors.

According to Handoko, the science and technology-based creative industry has been growing rapidly in the United States and China as the government has supported innovation and creativity.

In comparison, Indonesias creative industry had yet to utilize advanced science and technology.

"Startup companies, with their own unique strengths, could be known globally, and the government should assist them," he affirmed.

The LIPI has begun supporting startup companies that specialize in radars to be used in fishing activities and the food canning technology.

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