President to lead Heroes` Day ceremony in Surabaya

Surabaya, East Java (ANTAR5A News) - East Java governor Soekarwo confirmed here on Friday that President Joko Widodo would lead the Heroes Day ceremony to be held in Surabaya on November 10.

"The venue will be the Heroes Monument, erected to commemorate the November 10, 1945 battle," he told newsmen at his office.

He hailed the Presidents readiness to lead the ceremony as the right decision and one that the people in East Java province had been awaiting for long, especially the people in Surabaya, which is now the provinces capital.

"It will be the first time for the countrys President to lead the ceremony in Surabaya. Thank God, the central government has approved (the holding of the ceremony here) and we appreciate it very much," he said.

The flag-raising ceremony is scheduled for 8am and will be attended by the cabinet ministers.

On the occasion, President Joko Widodo and First Lady Iriana are also scheduled to extend a token of appreciation to 102 pioneering heroes and 100 war veterans.

The Indonesian Veterans Legion (LVRI) has welcomed President Joko Widodos plans to be present at the ceremony.

"Surabaya is the site of the November 10, 1945 battle and that is why the city is called Heroes City. We think it is appropriate for the ceremony to be led by the countrys leader," head of LVRI Surabaya chapter Hartoyik said.

Heroes Day ceremony has never been held in Surabaya, which is the original site of the battle, later commemorated as the National Heroes Day.

"Although a ceremony has always been held in Surabaya but no national ceremony has ever been centered here. The national ceremony has so far always been led by the President in the capital city Jakarta even though the battle had happened in this city," Hartoyik, a veteran and also an eye-witness of the battle, said.(*)