"Indonesia`s hijabs are very unique and varied, compared to those in other countries," the deputy minister said.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Deputy Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Emilia Suhaimi has said Indonesia deserves to become a global Muslim fashion capital by 2020.

"We know that Indonesia has been designated (to become) the world Muslim fashion capital by 2020, and the country is approaching that target from time to time," Emilia Suhaimi said here on Monday.

Indonesia deserves to be a fashion capital because it is the largest Muslim populated country in the world, she said.

Besides, Indonesias Islamic culture is open to modernization, tolerance, pluralism and diversity, she added.

"Indonesias hijabs are very unique and varied, compared to those in other countries," she noted.

Besides, Indonesia has ample human resources who are creative, thanks to the nations rich cultural heritage, she remarked.

Traditional dresses in Aceh, Minang (West Sumatra) and other regions cover womens bodies well and are close to the Muslim sense of fashion, she added.

Since 1990, the Muslim fashion industry in Indonesia has progressed rapidly.

"This has convinced us that Indonesia has the potential to become one of the worlds fashion centers, particularly when it comes to Muslim fashion, because the country has creative human resources and a rich cultural heritage," she said.

Indonesia also has talented fashion designers and good fabrics that could support the garment industry.

She said the designs of Indonesian Muslim dresses are beautiful because they follow the latest trends while still maintaining the local cultural elements.

Besides covering womens bodies, Indonesian Muslim dresses are comfortable, elegant, fashionable, and have ethnic elements.(*)

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