Immigration personnel arrest nine Indians in Aceh

Meulaboh, Aceh (ANTARA N ews) - The Meulaboh Immigration officers arrested at least nine Indian citizens from a motel located in Meulaboh of West Aceh District in the Aceh Province for staying beyond the expiry of their permit.

According to the Chief of Meulaboh Class II-B Immigration Office, Yan Marcos, here on Wednesday, the staying permit of the nine Indian people had expired three months ago.

"The nine foreigners were proved to have stayed beyond the three months time allowed. All of them were arrested after the officers carried out a supervision continuing since a month," Yan said.

Yan said the Indian people who were staying temporarily in West Aceh, had stopped by, waiting for a vessel to take them to a foreign country.

"We arrested them because their permit had expired a long time back," Yan added.

The immigration will impose sanctions such as deportation and prohibition from entering Indonesia.

Yan said the overstaying foreigners will be repatriated on Friday through Kuala Namu International Airport of South Sumatra.

"According to the law, we will deport them and prohibit them from entering Indonesia for six months," Yan added.(*)