Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The trade ministry said the countrys imports of raw sugar reached 2.64 million tons until mid November this year.

The imports until mid November, were up to 3.1 million tons, equivalent to 2.92 million tons of double refined sugar, licensed by the government for this year, Trade Minister Thomas Lembong said here on Thursday.

Thomas told lawmakers in a working meeting the imports were licensed on recommendation of the Industry Ministry.

The raw sugar is used to feed producers of double refined sugar, which is needed by food and beverage processing industries.

Thomas said the imports were smaller than import quota of 3.13 million tons or equivalent to 2.94 million tons of double refined sugar set in December, 2014 by the trade minister, industry minister and head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) for 2015.

"Licenses were issued for the imports of 451,000 tons of raw sugar as a basic material for mono sodium glutamate (MSG), but imports until Nov 12 totaled only 316,000 tons," Thomas said.

The trade ministry coordinated with other related ministries in the process of issuing the import licenses, and when it concerns strategic decision the license is issued after being discussed at meeting under the coordinating minister for economy.

Based on data at the trade ministry, the imports of raw sugar licenses were issued for the imports of 2.8 million tons to feed double refined sugar industry, but realization was only 2.67 million tons.

License were issued to import 397,000 tons of raw sugar to feed MSG industry but realization was only 318,000 tons and imports for idle capacity totaled 158,000 ton.

Altogether, in 2015 licenses were issued for the imports of 3.55 million tons of raw sugar to feed both double refined sugar, MSG industry and food and beverage industry, but realization so far reached only 2.96 million tons.

The licensed imports were smaller than in imports of 3.14 million tons in 2014.

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