Marzuki Alie denies joining PPP

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Former House Speaker Marzuki Alie denied claims that he had left the Democratic Party and had followed in the steps of his wife to join the United Development Party (PPP).

Speaking to the press here on Wednesday, Marzuki clarified that he remained faithful to the Democratic Party, although he admitted to have been invited to join another political party.

"Several offers were made to me to join another party, but I remained faithful to the Democratic Party," said Marzuki, who once served as the secretary general and vice chairman of the upper house of the Democratic Party.

He argued that he was not the type who pursued positions. He said since joining the Democrats, his only aim was to serve and not to seek positions. When he became chairman of the House, it was simply due to good fortune.

Alie stated that his wife, Asmawati, who is also a member of the Regional Representative Council (DPD) from South Sumatra, had joined the PPP as vice chairman.

He said his wife had made a personal decision to join the PPP after evaluating various aspects, including sound relations with the partys Chairman, Djan Faridz.(*)