Three Indonesians detained in South Korea for links to ISIS

Thus, we will undertake de-radicalization efforts"
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Migrant Workers Agency has claimed that at least three migrant workers were detained in South Korea for having links to the radical network ISIS.

"Three Indonesian migrant workers arrested by the South Korean security officers are accused of having joined the ISIS terrorist network," Head of the Migrant Workers Protection and Placement Agency Nusron Wahid stated here on Friday.

Nusron noted that the incident would serve as a warning for the agency to further monitor the activities of migrant workers abroad.

According to Nusron, the dissemination of ideas relating to the radical movement is very aggressive and effective.

"Thus, we will undertake de-radicalization efforts," he added.

The efforts will include providing comprehension training on inclusive religious values and the dissemination of moderate Islamic values among the migrant workers, particularly individuals employed in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions.

The agency noted that no migrant workers had been sent to Syria since 2012. However, the agency found some Indonesians still working in the country.

"We admitted that there are some Indonesians who worked for an employer who had become an ISIS activist. They then joined the radical group," Nusron revealed.

The agency cannot as yet identify the total number of Indonesians who have joined the group in Syria.

According to Nusron, the government will interview the migrant workers who were deported from Syria through Lebanon for further identification.

"We will also provide training to them and identify their habits and religious style," Nusron remarked.

The next step to be conducted is to initiate de-radicalization efforts by offering religious counseling.

Nusron noted that of the total 600 Indonesians who were deported from Syria last year, not more than 10 people were influenced by the radical movement.

"However, we can still change their thought process to re-imbibe moderate religious values after approaching them," Nusron added.