Islam does not justify murder."
Pekalongan (ANTARA News) - Syrian thariqah spiritual adviser Sheikh Adnan has strongly condemned the bomb attacks and shootout near the Sarinah Mall in Jakarta on Thursday that left seven people dead and 20 others injured.

"Islam does not justify murder. (The bombing attacks) amount to killing all mankind," he stated on the sidelines of an international thariqah ulema conference here on Friday.

The conference brought together some 300 domestic and foreign thariqah ulemas. The foreign thariqah included Habib Zaid bin Abdurrahman bin Yahya and Habib Abu Bakar Al Adni bin Ali Masyhur of Yemen; Sheikh Umar Hadhrah of Sudan; Sheikh Aziz Abidin of the United States, Sheikh Mahmud and Sheikh Omar Dieb of Syria; and Sheikh Aziz Al Kubaiti Al Idrissi of Morocco.

Sheikh Adnan noted that Islam does not justify bloodshed among human beings such as Thursdays bomb attacks in Jakarta.

"Radical perception will only bring about destruction in the world, and hence, human beings must be able to control their misleading lust," he remarked.

Earlier, seven people were killed and 20 others injured in the bomb blasts and shootout in Jakarta on Thursday morning.

Currently, the situation in Jakarta has recovered and is under control, according to Johan Budi, a presidential spokesman.

Budi stated that the security authorities have intensified early detection measures. He urged the public to not be easily provoked by terror incidents.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has ordered a thorough investigation into the attack and has urged every party to not engage in speculations before the investigation is completed, according to the spokesman.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has also condemned the bomb attacks and series of shootings in the business district of Jakarta on Thursday, resulting in the deaths of seven people and injuries to 20 others.

OIC Secretary General Iyad Ameen Madani extended his heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims of the attack and his wishes for the swift recovery of the injured, the OIC noted in a statement posted on its official website and quoted by Antara here on Friday.

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