We told them about the statement of the Indonesian National Police chief that Indonesia is secure."
Beijing (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Tourism Ministry has said that Chinese tourists interest to visit Indonesia remains high after the terror bombing in Central Jakartas Thamrin Boulevard on January 14, 2016.

"We found that during our tourism promotion in Wuhan, Shanghai and Beijing, Chinese tourists interest to visit Indonesia remains high, " said Jordi Paliama, the deputy director for Asia-Pacific Sale Mission of the Ministry of Tourism, said on the sidelines of the "Indonesia Direct Promotion" activities in Beijing on January 30-31,2016.

He said the number of those who asked about the Thamrin Bouleverd bombing was even very small. But, he added, he explained that the bomb terror had been handled by security officers and the Indonesian security condition was now very conducive.

"We told them about the statement of the Indonesian National Police chief that Indonesia is secure, " he said.

In the meantime, General Manager of the Indonesian flag carrier Garuda Indonesia in Beijing, Hans Haliono, said the number of Chinese tourists who had cancelled plans to visit Jakarta was small, namely only about 10 to 20 people.

He added that the load factor for the Beijing-Jakarta route remained high namely 90 percent for January 2016.

Hans explained that the same thing also occurred on unscheduled flights (chartered flight). During the current celebrations of the Chinese New Year from January 21 to March 1, Garudas chartered flights still had seat capacity occupation reaching 95 percent.

Jordi Paliama said earlier that following the recent terror attack in Jakarta, the security situation has returned to normal and the country is safe for tourists.

"Now, the security situation in Jakarta, Bali and all Indonesian regions is safe and remains under control," he stated.

Indonesia hopes to lure 12 million foreign tourists, particularly from Malaysia, Singapore, China, Australia and Japan, this year.

"From China, especially, we plan to attract a total of 1.7 million tourists to spend holidays in Indonesia," he said, addressing some 100 Chinese businessmen engaged in tourism industry.

The number of Chinese tourists who visited Indonesia in 2014 was 959,231. It increased by 18.77 percent to 1,139,281 in 2015.

In addition to Bali, Indonesia has developed 10 major tourist destinations, according to him.

He said Indonesia is home to the worlds largest Chinese descent population outside China.

"So, when you come to Indonesia, consider it your second home. You will feel that you are visiting a home of your relatives," he remarked.

Indonesia has prepared various attractions, including "barongsai" dragon dance, for the Chinese Lunar New Year.

"So, Indonesia is safe for Chinese tourists, including for those wanting to celebrate Imlek (Chinese New Year)," he noted.

The spokesman of the Indonesian embassy in Beijing, Santo Darmosusanto, said the Indonesian authorities have been serious in tackling the issue of terrorism.

"The Indonesian government is very caring and serious regarding the safety of its people and foreign nationals in its regions, both who are there for work or just to spend their holidays," he said.

Foreign tourists should not be scared of visiting Indonesia which is very safe and conducive to travel, he added.

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