... we have bought a jet ski and banana boat to attract investment in Bokori Island."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Bokori Island in the Indonesian province of Southeast Sulawesi is being developed into one of the mainstay tourist destinations in the province.

With its scenic beauty, warm waters, and white sandy beaches, Bokori Island is an ideal getaway in Southeast Sulawesi Province for tourists and local residents to unwind.

Southeast Sulawesi Tourism and Creative Economy Office Chief Zainal Koedoes remarked in the provincial city of Kendari that the local government will establish the Technical Implementation Unit Service (UPTD) to manage Bokori Islands tourism sector.

"As part of our commitment to develop Bokori Island into a tourist destination in the province, we will soon establish a special UPTD to manage the tourism sector on the island," Koedoes said in Kendari over the weekend.

He noted that the government had allocated a significant amount of funds through the state and local budgets to develop Bokori Islands tourism sector, so the UPTD will be established to ensure the proper management of the funds.

Further, Koedoes added that the Southeast Sulawesi provincial government was offering investment opportunities to anyone keen on investing in the tourism sector on Bokori Island.

"We are offering wider opportunities for anyone who would like to invest in the development of tourism on Bokori Island," he remarked in Kendari on Monday.

Koedoes said the local government, as the facilitator, will prepare initial facilities for investors to boost the economy of the island.

"For instance, this year, we have bought a jet ski and banana boat to attract investment in Bokori Island," he stated.

Further, he reiterated that the opportunity was wide open to investors keen on developing the tourism sector and creative economy in Bokori Island, which is situated in the district of Konawe.

He admitted that Bokori Island was a tourist destination in the region located administratively in Konawe.

"Bokori Island is beautiful and serves as one of the main tourist destinations after Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi," Koedoes remarked.

Koedoes remarked in the provincial capital of Kendari on Monday that the local government will this year develop Bokori Island as one of the key tourist destinations in the area.

He pointed out that although Bokori Island had been managed for only a year, it was now widely known, thanks to some activities held on the island such as the Bokori Island Festival, beach volleyball tournament, and Nusantara King Festival.

Koedoes noted that the provincial government had built several cottages and supporting facilities for the tourists on the island of Bokori.

According to Koedoes, the Departments of Tourism, Public Works, Transportation, Forestry, Food Security, and Marine and Fisheries were working together to develop Bokori Island into a tourist destination in the province.

"There are already 11 cottages, a meeting hall, and gazebo on the island, and this year, we want to increase the number of such facilities," Koedoes remarked.

Further, he added that the local Department of Culture, Tourism and Creative Economy will allocate funds amounting to Rp4 billion this year to develop numerous supporting facilities on the island.

"In principle, each regional working unit will be assigned the responsibility to develop and manage the supporting tourism facilities in an integrated manner on the island of Bokori," he remarked.

Besides the provincial government, the Kendari city administration had also been called on to optimize the management of tourist attractions in the area.

Southeast Sulawesi Governor Nur Alam affirmed that Bokori Island will continue to be promoted as a tourist destination in the province.

Covered by natural forests and extensive plantations of teak and ironwood, vast swathes of the Southeast Sulawesi Province are ideal for visitors who prefer challenging adventures and ecotourism.

In addition, there are several diving and snorkeling spots around the province, such as at Tolitoli, Hari Island, Baubau, Labengki Island, and Wakatobi Marine National Park.

With its numerous tourist attractions, the Southeast Sulawesi provincial government is now focusing on developing its tourism sector as an important source of foreign exchange and employment.

The rapid expansion of the provinces tourism sector is expected to provide viable opportunities for sustainable development and poverty alleviation.

In the meantime, Kendari Regional Legislative Assembly (DPRD) member Yasin Idrus stated that all tourist destinations in Southeast Sulawesi and Kendari must be managed optimally in order to boost the local revenue.

He pointed out that the revenue generated locally from Kendaris tourism sector was still low despite the citys huge tourism potential.

"Therefore, the city administration should optimize the management of the areas tourism potential," he emphasized.

Another DPRD member Rizal stated that the Nambo beach and a mangrove trekking area were among the several tourist attractions in Kendari that could be managed optimally to boost the local revenue.

Rizal noted that the Bungkutoko mangrove trekking area had been frequented by several tourists even though it was yet to be inaugurated by the local government as a tourist attraction.

Rizal explained that visitors to Southeast Sulawesi can enjoy various tourist attractions such as the Moramo Waterfalls, Batugong Beach, Nambo Beach, Tanjung Taipa Beach, and Maleo Bird Habitat.

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