Indonesia second favorite investment destination in the world

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Bank of Indonesia has said that surveys from several global institutions have shown that Indonesia is the second favorite investment destination after China.
"This January, Indonesia emerged as the number two among favorite investment destinations, after China," the manager of the Department of Communications, Bank of Indonesia, Oikos Mando Panjaitan, said here on Monday.
He said one indicator of Indonesia being the investment destination was the extent of realization of investments, which rose by about 15 percent from last year, followed by the fact that employment also increased.
In addition, foreign and domestic investments last year also increased, each by more than 10 percent.
Globally, Indonesia continues to increase its competitive rating.
Panjaitan mentioned that the World Economic Forum (WEF) considers that the performance of Indonesia has been improving in terms of strong law enforcement on corruption, ease of doing business and attracting direct investments.
Indonesia is also becoming increasingly attractive as a global investment destination due to the structural reforms ushered in by the government and relevant authorities. As a result, international confidence in Indonesia is becoming stronger and stronger.
The Indonesian budget reform was also assessed positively, supported by an increased budget for infrastructure.
"We have been carrying out budget reforms consistently, and have lowered subsidies and increased infrastructure budget. These have made the international community believe that Indonesia has good prospects ahead," Panjaitan said.
He also stressed that the government is serious about structural economic reforms to elevate commodities- based business to the level of industry.(*)