International drugs dealers want to murder Indonesian people: BNN chief

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The chief of Indonesias Anti-Narcotic Agency (BNN), Commissioner General Budi Waseso, claimed here on Wednesday that international drug dealers intend to finish off the Indonesian people by luring them into drug abuse.

He said he believed it was so because "although they are dealers, they do not consume the drugs they sell."

He said he became convinced of this following the arrest of two Chinese citizens by BNN - LY (35) and LC (32) - while they were conducting a drug transaction involving 12,306 grams of crystal methamphetamine.

"They were arrested in front of a hospital on Jalan Pluit Raya, RT21, RW 28, Number 2, Penjaringan, North Jakarta, on Saturday (23/4). The urine tests of the two revealed they did not consume any drugs," he said.

Their two Indonesian accomplices, TS (61) and A (32), meanwhile, tested positive, he added.

"This must be understood by the community that they have an intention of destroying our younger generation. They always claim they have indulged in such a crime only once and it was because they have been deceived," he said.

The four suspects have been arrested on charges of drug abuse and distribution.

Budi Waseso said BNN had been able to confiscate the meth from the suspects, thus saving around 61,535 people who could have possibly consumed the drug," he said. (*)