President Jokowi allows public to visit Bogor Palace

Bogor, West Java (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) permitted the public to visit the Bogor Presidential Palace in conjunction with the Palace Activities for People (Istura) on Tuesday.

"The president permitted the public to visit Bogor Palace, and he is not disturbed by the activities," Palace Head of Sub-Division of Household and Protocol Endang Sumitra remarked on the sidelines of Istura on Tuesday.

According to Endang, the president and his family were present in the palace during Istura.

"The president heads to Jakarta for work in the morning and returns to Bogor in the evening as usual every day," Endang noted.

Endang did not rule out the possibility of the president and his family greeting the people visiting the palace as part of Istura.

"There is a possibility that the president and his family will greet the people who visit the Bogor Palace," she remarked.

On the occasion of Istura this time, Endang affirmed that members of the public were welcome to visit the front and back yards of the Bogor Palace. A photographer is also present if the visitors are keen to capture the moment in one of the corners that has become a symbol of the Bogor Palace.




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