Denpasar (ANTARA News) - Eleven foreign art groups will enliven the 38th Bali Arts Festival at Taman Budaya, Denpasar city, the head of the Cultural Office of Bali Province, Dewa Putu Beratha, has said.

"We have to provide space for foreign countries to participate in the festival as it will contribute to the economic development in Bali," Putu stated here on Monday.

He said local artists could improve their knowledge by watching the performance of the foreign artists at the annual art event, set to begin on June 11, 2016.

"Culture is universal. Through culture, we can also strengthen our relations with foreign countries," he asserted.

Beratha disclosed that the 11 foreign art groups which will perform at the Balinese Arts Festival (PKB) will be from Hainan Province, China; Consulate General of Timor Leste; Wyarihita Studio, Japan; University of Essex, England; Lata Pada Misissauga Ontario, Canada; Lana Wisdom School, Thailand; Consulate General of India; The Group Gita Semara, United States of America; Embassy of France; Marimba Maki, Japan; and Oriental Fusion Trio.

"Hainan Province had an interest in performing at the PKB even last year but we could not accommodate their request because it came when the festival was about to take off. Hainan was very excited to participate in the PKB this year because it has already established an arrangement of Sister Province with Bali," he affirmed.

Beratha pointed out that the foreign art groups have already submitted their request to Balis governor for performing in the festival, especially PKB, as it is already well known at the international level.

"In addition, many Balinese artists who have given art training in foreign countries such as Japan and the United States also promoted the PKB there," he noted.

He added that an art group from India, putting up in America, also evinced an interest to participate in the festival. They will stay in Bali for five days. "We are still communicating with the curators to see if it will be possible for India to perform in the festival," he explained.

The PKBs theme this year is "Karang Awak, Love the Birth of Land." It will take place from June 11 to July 9, 2016 at Taman Budaya, Denpasar city. Apart from showcasing a variety of arts, there will also be some exhibitions of handicrafts, culinary skills, races, gatherings, and an art parade.(*)

Editor: Heru Purwanto
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