Wayang should not be ended, it should always be alive.
Denpasar (ANTARA) - A number of artists from Bali, Singapore, and the U.S. showed an innovative collaboration performance of 'wayang' (Indonesian traditional puppet show) under the theme "He Who Saw the Deep" at the event of the 41st Bali Arts Festival 2019 which was held at the Bali Art Centre, Denpasar.

"This is the first collaboration with non-Singaporean artists so that I am very pleased to be a producer of this event," producer Elena Yeo from Singapore said at Ksirarnawa Building on Saturday, June 29, night.

This event of "He Who Saw the Deep" tells the story of King Gilgamesh who had achieved the enlightenment. Gilgamesh was reminded to have more attention to nature and people loved him after he knew about the deepest meaning between life and death.

In the two-hour performance, "He Who Saw the Deep" presented the epic ancient story to the audiences at the biggest annual art festival in Bali.

The performing artists were I Kadek Budi Setiawan and I Wayan Mardika from Bali as the actors, Shawn M. from the U.S. as the narrator, and Ayu Sada from Bali as the singer of Balinese accompaniment songs. There were also modern and traditional aspects on the setting transitions of the performance.

"Wayang should not be ended, it should always be alive," the actor Setiawan stated as by this he hoped innovative collaboration performance of wayang would make society interested in wayang amid the global era.

After its performance at Bali Arts Festival, "He Who Saw the Deep" will also be performed in Singapore.

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