It will continue to be evaluated."
Palimanan (ANTARA News) - The government, through state-owned Toll Road Regulator Agency (BPJIT), began the trial of an integrated toll road transaction system for the Jakarta-Cikampek to Palimanan-Brebes Timur toll road sections on Monday.

"We begin the trial today, starting at 6 a.m. local time. It will continue to be evaluated," Head of BPJIT Herry Trisaputra Zuna informed the press at the Palimanan toll road gate, West Java, on Monday.

Herry said the integrated toll road payment system was aimed at easing the flow of toll road traffic within the Jakarta-Cikampek and Cikampek-Palimanan-Brebes Timor sections.

"The trial of the integrated toll road transaction system also includes the Cikampek-Purwakarta-Padalarang, Padalarang-Celeuny, Palimanan-Kanci, Kanci-Pejagan and Pejagan-Pemalang sections," he remarked.

Herry stated that the integrated transaction system was expected to optimally reduce the long lines of vehicles queuing at toll gates as the toll fees would be paid only at the destination toll exits.

In implementing the trial phase, payments will not be collected in several toll gates, such as the Plumbon 3, Plumbon 4, Ceperna Utama, and Mertapada. Payments will be made at the destination exit gates.

Vehicles coming from Jakarta will only collect toll cards at the Cikarang Utam toll gate and make the payment in cash or use an electronic toll card at the Palimanan destination.

"How much time will be saved depends on the density of the traffic. So far, queue at the Cikopo toll gate could take an hour. With the integrated payment system, hopefully, there will be no traffic jam there," he affirmed.

The electronic cards can be used in all banks. To begin with, it will be limited to five banks --- Mandiri, BRI, BNI, BTN, and BCA --- as part of Cluster I in the first phase, while Cluster II will be served by Mandiri, BRI, BNI, and BTN.

The integrated payment system is divided into Cluster I and Cluster II. Cluster I covers the Jakarta-Cikampek (Jasa Marga), Cipularang (Jasa Marga), Padaleunyi (Jasa Marga), and Cikopgo-Palimanan (Lintas Marga Sedaya) toll roads.

Cluster II covers the Palimanan-Kanci (Jasa Marga), Kanci-Pejagan (Semesta Marga Raya), and Pejagan-Pemalang (Pemalang Toll Road) sections.

Toll fees remain the same as the current tariff. For instance, Group I vehicles taking the Jakarta-Palimanan section will pay Rp109 thousand, which comprises Rp13.5 thousand for the Jakarta-Cikampek section and Rp96 thousand for the Cikampek-Palimanan section.

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