Indonesian Islamic organization urges Google to remove pornographic content

Surabaya, E. Java (ANTARA News) - Hundreds of people from the Indonesian Islamic Organization, Muhammadiyah, demonstrated in front of Grahadi building in Surabaya, East Java province to urge Google and YouTube to remove pornographic content.

A demonstration coordinator, M Arif An, said here on Tuesday that the protest was the first step taken by Muhammadiyah and its affiliated organizations such as Muhammadiyah Youth Bond, Muhammadiyah Student Bond, and Muhammadiyah Youth to act decisively in combating pornography.

Arif said porn content has destroyed younger generations and was causing immoral behavior.

"A lot of crimes involved influence of pornographic content," he added.

Muhammadiyah has urged Google and YouTube in Indonesia to immediately remove and block all porn content.

Efforts made by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics to block porn websites should be appreciated, though there are many other similar sites available on the internet.

"Any content considered propagating radical Islam is very quickly blocked by the ministry. We urge that porn content must also be removed immediately," Arif demanded.

Muhammadiyah urged Google and YouTube to block all porn pages within a week.

"We will write letters to Google and YouTube to do something real to rescue the younger generation from the devastating effect of pornography," Arif remarked.

During its demonstration, Muhammadiyah gave slogans such as, "Say No To Pornography And Think Positive", "Save Generation From Pornography", and "Pornography Destroys Nation."(*)