Tangerang, Banten (ANTARA News) - The Tangerang District Health Office has found as many as 397 leprosy patients in need of serious attention.

"Health workers at the sub-district and village levels are expected to collect data on leprosy patients and provide them treatment in a bid to reduce the number of cases," Tangerang District Health Office Chief Naniek Isnaeni remarked here on Monday.

Isnaeni further noted that of all the district and cities in Banten Province, the number of people suffering from leprosy in Tangerang District was the highest, and the disease was endemic in 29 sub-districts.

Isnaeni stated that in the last two years, the number of lepers in Tangerang District had continued to rise, and until early this year, it had reached 397 people.

In Lebak District, the local health office had recently discovered 60 new leprosy patients, who were now undergoing treatment.

Lebak District Health Office Head for Infectious Diseases Dr Firman Rahmatullah affirmed that leprosy cases were prevalent in the sub-districts of Rangkasbitung, Cibadak, Cimarga, Kalanganyar, Maja, Warunggunung, and Sajira.

Thus, the local government has set a target to make Lebak a leprosy-free district by 2020.(*)

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